SHINE 2Europe Presents NewEcoSmart Project at the 31st APDR Congress in Leiria, Portugal

On June 27th, SHINE 2Europe presented the NewEcoSmart project at the 31st APDR Congress on Regional Innovation Ecosystems and Sustainable Development in Leiria, Portugal. This event provided a platform to showcase the innovative methodology and anticipated outcomes of the NewEcoSmart (NES) project.

During the session on Territorial Sustainability Strategies, Natália Machado from SHINE 2Europe introduced NewEcoSmart (NES), detailing its methodology, anticipated results, and achievements to date.

The presentation sparked significant interest among the audience, leading to engaging discussions on the local and European challenges faced by rural areas. Attendees were particularly curious about the project’s framework and our approach to involving the target groups, highlighting the need for such initiatives in addressing regional sustainability.

The congress also provided an excellent opportunity to learn about other critical aspects of Territorial Sustainability Strategies. Notable topics included:

  • Circular Economy and Sustainable Development.
  • A Framework to Support Strategic Decisions of Smart Cities.

These discussions allowed an exchange of best practices and new approaches, paving the way for potential collaborations and innovations.

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