Almudena Muñoz presents the NewEcoSmart project at the EDULEARN 2024 Congress

Almudena Muñoz, coordinator of the NewEcoSmart project, recently gave a presentation at the prestigious EDULEARN 2024 Congress. This international conference on Education and New Learning Technologies, now in its 16th edition, was an excellent platform for showcasing the innovative work being carried out as part of the NewEcoSmart project. EDULEARN24 took place in Palma de Mallorca from 1 to 3 July 2024, attracting more than 800 education professionals from all over the world.

Almudena’s paper, entitled “NEWECOSMART: FOSTERING SUSTAINABLE GROWTH AND SOCIAL INCLUSION IN THE EUROPEAN HABITAT SECTORS THROUGH ADULT UPSKILLING AND SOCIAL INNOVATION”, was enthusiastically received by the audience. Her presentation emphasised the essential role that upskilling adults and social innovation play in promoting sustainable growth and social inclusion in the European habitat sectors. The knowledge shared highlighted how the acquisition of new skills by adults and the promotion of innovative social practices can lead to significant advances in terms of sustainability and inclusion.

The EDULEARN Congress was a unique opportunity for the NewEcoSmart team and CETEM to gain valuable information and strategies for involving more participants in the second phase of the project, which centres on piloting. It is hoped that these new strategies and ideas will lead to greater success and impact as the project progresses.

The NewEcoSmart project continues to advance the promotion of sustainable growth and social inclusion across Europe. By capitalising on the knowledge gained at the EDULEARN Congress, the project aims to expand its reach and effectiveness in the next phases.

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