Maddalena Illario

Physician, Endocrinologist; PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology and Pathology; associate professor at the Department of Public Health, University Federico II of Naples; spent more than 3 years at the Department of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology of Duke University Medical Center (Durham, USA) as Research Fellow. Since December 2016, she has been directing the UOD for Health Innovation of the Campania Region. Since 2013 he coordinates the EIP Campania Reference Site on AHA. Since 2017 he has been co-chair of the EIP on AHA Reference Sites Collaborative Network (RSCN). ProMIS referent for Campania since 2017, since 2020 WHO expert for the COVID-19 Italy Vulnerabilities (CIV-N) network; since 2020 referent for Italy of the COST network “International Interdisciplinary Network on Health and Wellbeing in an Age-friendly Digital World”.

Lorenzo Mercurio

Lorenzo Mercurio is professor in Organization Studies at University of Naples Federico II, his research field is focuses on the public sector, in particular on innovation processes in health and social systems. For several years, he has been participating in national and international projects contributing to organisational aspects for the improvement of public services. He contributes to several European and Italian networks for health system innovation.
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