NES Community

NewEcoSmart Communities are teams of stakeholders’ representatives formed to ensure connection to the regional and national contexts, promote transnational exchange and favour the use and replicability of project results.

Members of the NES Communities will actively engage in working groups at the regional level, where they will synergize their sectoral expertise, reflecting on the vision and objectives for their respective ecosystem.

With your help, we will create an inclusive social innovation approach to upskill/reskill adults aged 45 and above in rural areas, focused on adapting them to green and digital transitions in their current jobs or finding new opportunities in habitat-related sectors. By joining our community, you will have the opportunity to actively engage in discussions, workshops, and initiatives focused on driving positive change in our communities and beyond.

What can you expect after joining the NewEcoSmart community?

As a member, you will engage in roundtables with other stakeholders that aims to actively involve participants in decision-making, generating innovative solutions to complex problems, enhancing stakeholder buy-in, tailoring strategies, building community and refining project approaches iteratively. Your participation will shape project outcomes, driving positive change in habitat-related sectors.

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