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New circular and social responsible business models within habitat sectors to revitalise rural areas
24 months
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ESF Project Grants

About the project

A pioneering initiative to revive rural areas and empower adults 45+, SMEs and micro firms through social innovation, towards the green and digital transition.

The project will equip the target group with the necessary skills to excel in their current job roles, while also assisting them in exploring new prospects within the Habitat-related sectors. Moreover, NewEcoSmart places a strong emphasis on cultivating social entrepreneurial skills and mindsets, fostering the adoption of circular economy practices and socially responsible business approaches.

Project Objectives

  • Identify and address the green, digital, and entrepreneurial skills and training needs of 45+ adults, SMEs and micro firms.

  • Build up and deploy a digital transformation toolkit for social economy actors to uptake of social innovation, and the twin digital and green transition.

  • Test and validate the NewEcoSmart approach in three diverse sites, ensuring its effectiveness in promoting inclusivity and fairness in the green and digital transition across different contexts.

  • Expand the NES Ecosystem by inviting new stakeholders and their social innovation approaches in project communities through an open call, with potential for cross-country applicability.

  • Effectively share and disseminate project progress and outcomes to drive adoption beyond the project's end, promoting a shift away from linear business models in the Habitat sectors.

Project Workpackages

  • Task 1.1 - Consortium Management
  • Task 1.2 - Internal Communication
  • Task 1.3 - Quality Assurance and Risk Management
  • Task 2.1 - Cross-border competence assessment
  • Task 2.2 - National legislations on green and digital transition compared with EU policies
  • Task 2.3 - Best practices on green, digital and entrepreneurial skills in the Habitat sector
  • Task 2.4 - Workshops with experts
  • Task 2.5 - Co-design eco-smart community-driven innovative solutions
  • Task 3.1 - Digital framework for social economy
  • Task 3.2 - Tailored roadmap for green and digital transition
  • Task 3.3 - Green and digital skills toolkit
  • Task 4.1 - Analysis of the readiness level in the pilot sites
  • Task 4.2 - Study protocol writing for Pilots
  • Task 4.3 - Pilots running
  • Task 4.4 - Data analysis and impact assessment
  • Task 5.1 - Call planning, selection criteria and requirements
  • Task 5.2 - Organisation and holding of the NESHack event
  • Task 5.3 - Call opening, evaluation and selection
  • Task 5.4 - Contracting and Grant Management
  • Task 5.5 - NESHAck and Call outcomes and report
  • Task 6.1 - Stakeholder engagement and creation of the NewEcoSmart community
  • Task 6.2 - Communication and dissemination strategy and action plan
  • Task 6.3 - Visual identity, communication tools and materials
  • Task 6.4 - Sustainability Plan for the NewEcoSmart

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