NewEcoSmart Digital Framework: The Leap of CTIC into a Digital and Green Future for the Habitat Sector

December marked a significant milestone for the NewEcoSmart project, culminating in the completion of the Digital Competence Model’s design. This model represents a major step forward in digital and green empowerment, especially for those over 45 in rural areas. The digital model aims to assess the initial knowledge, skills, and attitudes related to digital and green topics to equip these individuals with the necessary to navigate an ever-changing technological and green landscape and open up new professional pathways in the Habitat sector.

The Digital Competence Model designed by CTIC for the NewEcosSmart project is a straightforward and effective framework that blends the concepts from the European Commission’s Digital Competence (DigComp) and Green Competence (GreenComp) standards. This Digital Competence Model is not merely a theoretical construct, it’s a practical tool that guides the engagement and skill enhancement of these adults, ensuring they are not left behind in the digital and green transformation affecting all sectors, including the Habitat sector.

The digital competence model allows, after the measurement of each individual’s digital and green level, to establish a personalized roadmap for improvement, enabling the person to acquire new competencies that are useful in the workplace or in searching for new job opportunities within the Habitat sector.

A central element of the project strategy is the Digital Framework Toolbox, intended for deployment at pilot sites across Portugal, Italy, and Spain. This toolbox is a comprehensive kit of tools, platforms, and resources, each meticulously tailored to bridge the prevalent digital and green skills gap across the habitat sector.

Featuring innovative learning methods like game-based learning and microlearning, the toolbox represents modern educational techniques. Furthermore, the toolbox incorporates AI-driven tools to offer personalized learning experiences, fostering innovation and adaptability.

The completion of the Digital Competence Model in December, along with the upcoming definition of the main features of the Digital Framework Toolbox, signifies significant milestones achieved through collaborative efforts. CTIC and its partners are committed to pioneering digital and green transitions within the Habitat sector. Together, they are setting a benchmark for sustainable and technologically advanced communities, emphasizing their shared dedication to a future where digital innovation and sustainability seamlessly coexist.

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