“Empowering Rural Skills: CETEM Engages Unemployed Students in NewEcoSmart Project”

In a proactive initiative during the month of November, the technological Centre of Furniture and Wood of the Region of Murcia (CETEM) took a step closer to the unemployed students undergoing training courses at the center. The focus of their visit was to introduce these individuals, most of whom were previously employed in the habitat sector, to the NewEcoSmart project. The participants, with backgrounds in habitat-related industries, enthusiastically joined the second work package (WP2) of the project. During this phase, they actively contributed by responding to a survey designed to investigate the skills and needs concerning digital and green transition among workers and unemployed individuals in the rural habitat sector.

The engagement of these students not only enhances the inclusivity of the NewEcoSmart project but also brings valuable insights into the challenges and aspirations of the workforce in rural habitat sectors.

The success of the NewEcoSmart project is not only dependent on the active participation of individuals but also on strategic partnerships and adequate funding. CETEM is proud to collaborate with the other seven partners of Consortium, who bring expertise and resources to the project. The financial support from European Social Funds has been instrumental in driving the project forward, enabling comprehensive research and impactful interventions.

As the project gains momentum, CETEM remains committed to fostering collaboration, addressing the needs of the rural workforce, and ultimately contributing to a sustainable and digitally empowered habitat sector.

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