NewEcoSmart collected important results in two sessions in Portugal

NewEcoSmart is currently on a mission to map the digital, green and entrepreneurial skills required by the Habitat industry. The project recently kicked off this effort by developing personalised surveys for two distinct target groups: individuals over 45 and SMEs and micro-enterprises. These surveys are currently being completed in the pilot regions of Spain, Portugal and Italy.

In Portugal, AD ELO, the lead organisation in the Portuguese pilot project, organised two important sessions on 21 and 27 November. With the support of a Portuguese municipality, these sessions served as a platform to present the NewEcoSmart project and highlight its future impact. The meetings also facilitated the collection of crucial survey results from the target groups.

Mónica Sousa from AD ELO emphasised the importance of these awareness-raising sessions, saying: “They are important for publicising the NewEcoSmart project, inviting participants to fill in the questionnaires and take part in future phases of this project. This will improve their green/ecological and digital transition skills, increasing their chances of gaining meaningful employment.”

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