NES partners joined the European Week of Regions 2023

After an amazing kick-off, the partners of NES take part in the Participatory Lab “Entrepreneurial and social innovation skills driving inclusion and tackling the innovation divide” in the European Week of Regions 2023, on October 10th.

The European Week of Regions and Cities is an annual four-day event in which cities and regions demonstrate their capacity to stimulate economic growth and employment and effectively implement the European Union’s cohesion policy. It emphasises the essential role of local and regional authorities in promoting sustainable European governance. This European Union initiative aligns with our project mission as a pioneering initiative dedicated to reviving rural areas and empowering adults aged 45+, SMEs, and micro-firms through social innovation in the context of the green and digital transition.

It was interesting to see how aligned some of the conclusions reached in this session are with the objectives of our project:

· To achieve an inclusive and sustainable future, we must ensure that no one is left behind in the green and digital transformation.

· Inclusive communities need to be thinking beyond the urban centres, providing digital skills, fostering social innovation, and sharing knowledge among rural areas.

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