NewEcoSmart has an online workshop about good practices

On April 11th, NewEcoSmart had an online workshop with internal experts, addressing good practices on green, digital, and entrepreneurial skills in the Habitat sector.

This meeting had a twofold function the first one was aimed to validate the selection of good practices carried by the partners. But also,  to discuss the next project activities.

The meeting began with an introductory session in which participants from diverse backgrounds shared ideas and perspectives. CEIPES then took to the stage to present a comprehensive overview of the project, detailing its objectives and strategies. Participants were then treated to a presentation highlighting twelve exemplary good practices in the fields of green and digital. Each practice was dissected and discussed, shedding light on its potential impact and implementation strategies. As the meeting drew to a close, participants engaged in an open, lively and collaborative discussion. Topics ranged from assessing the feasibility and effectiveness of the practices presented to identifying potential challenges and available resources.

Overall, it was a dynamic and enriching meeting that left participants inspired and equipped with valuable knowledge to promote positive change in their respective domains.

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